An Effective Mood Enhancer and Energizer, Part 1

In our society we tend to look to over-the-counter or prescription drugs to get a quick fix for our maladies. Many of us suffer from mild to severe depression or inertia. But there are a growing number of us finding a better solution to the problem … exercise.

Lisa Kassap is one such young woman. She lives in Southern California with her husband and 3½-year-old daughter. Lisa has been working out for about five years and taught a basic high-low aerobics class prior to her pregnancy with her daughter. Today, working out is simply a part of her daily life. If she doesn’t do a morning workout, she feels like something is missing. Lisa believes that it not only keeps her happy, positive and full of energy, but also helps her to be a better wife and mom.

Lisa used to suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome. She often felt irritable and is now surprised at how things have stabilized for her since beginning Tae Bo. She says, “The serotonin levels are just so up there, it gives me a really energetic feeling and has smoothed things out for me.” She loves Tae Bo and says that the most rewarding part of doing Tae Bo is her positive attitude on life. She feels that she can get through anything now.

Lisa tries to motivate others to try Tae Bo because she believes that if they’d try it, they would receive the same benefits that she has. She says, “I’d like everybody to feel the way I do. It just keeps me in a cheerful mood. Tae Bo makes my outlook on life wonderful and I’d like everyone to feel like that.”

Lisa belongs to a couple of message boards where there’s a whole community of parents information sharing. There’s a particular board for fitness in which they share with each other what they’re doing in their workouts and motivate one another. She’s also signed up with one that talks about diets and weight training, etc. She feels that motivating others is an important part of her life.

It was on the exercise message boards that she first heard about Tae Bo from another mom. The mom would post and say, “I’ve done my Tae Bo workout and I feel so good!”

Lisa decided that she needed to see what she was talking about and bought the advanced and 8 minute Tae Bo videos. After doing the workouts, she realized that she’d never felt like that before. “I owe the girl on the boards all the credit and now I’m just hooked,” she says. She loves the music, the floor work; everything put together.