An Effective Mood Enhancer and Energizer, Part 2

Exercise is essential for overall health and well-being and finding an exercise activity that gets heart rates up and is enjoyable is important to keep us committed to it. According to Lisa, “Tae-Bo is fun like dancing.” Being able to make exercise a playful experience can help us to stay with it.

“I’ve felt more motivated to get up and do it everyday and I’m losing inches. I’ve lost two inches on my waist in about six weeks and I believe it’s from doing six days a week of Tae Bo,” she says. When Lisa does a Tae Bo workout she focuses on people who have the types of muscles that she would like to develop.

And she has found, like so many others, that Tae-Bo is an effective whole body workout that she wasn’t able to achieve with the other types of workouts. Lisa explains that she has a body that builds muscles fast. She used to do spinning and thinks that it’s a great cardio workout, but her legs got too big. “Tae Bo has leaned out my legs and has given me long lean muscles in my quads. My abs are getting stronger because they’re holding up my body and I have my pre-baby abs back. What it’s done for my abs is amazing,” she says. In addition, her balance is stronger now.

Lisa feels that she is stronger now at 31 than she was when she was doing Kung Fu at 18. She didn’t have the motivation then. She thinks it’s because Billy Blanks makes you push yourself to the next level.

Lisa said that all the positive information he gives while working out sometimes leads her to tears. “When I know I can finish one of those machine gun kicks, it’s just amazing and very, very inspirational for me.”

In keeping with her strong desire to motivate and encourage others, Lisa continues to encourage others to try Tae Bo for a positive outlook on life and increased energy.