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All of these classes and programs help those who aren’t regular exercisers become more comfortable with working out and with the fitness center environment. For those who are ready to tackle “regular” group exercise classes, there are many to choose from. Read on »

There has been lots of talk in the fitness industry lately about catering to “special populations,” and attracting non-typical health club members to boost numbers and to get the population back into shape. When it comes to this, Valley Fitness Center, a medically based fitness facility located at Valley Medical Center in a suburb south of Seattle, is ahead of the game. Read on »

Exercise is essential for overall health and well-being and finding an exercise activity that gets heart rates up and is enjoyable is important to keep us committed to it. According to Lisa, “Tae-Bo is fun like dancing.” Being able to make exercise a playful experience can help us to stay with it. Read on »

In our society we tend to look to over-the-counter or prescription drugs to get a quick fix for our maladies. Many of us suffer from mild to severe depression or inertia. But there are a growing number of us finding a better solution to the problem … exercise. Read on »

My first experience with flexibility, or should I say inflexibility, came early in my childhood. In dance class, I wasn’t able to kick my leg as high as everyone else, and in cheerleading I struggled with my splits. Read on »

Prone One Leg Quadricep Stretches: Lay belly down (prone) on a pad on the ground. Grasp the left foot at the instep or front of the toes with the hand of the same side. Put the knee of the left leg next to the knee of the right leg. Pull on the foot to bend the left knee. Maintain this position for 20 seconds, then switch legs and repeat. Do each leg at least twice. Read on »

Promoting the truth

Employers of personal fitness trainers are working against a commercialized industry of myths, lies, tricks, gimmicks and magic potions, with hopes of miracles attached. It??s up to you to educate your trainers and clients on what it really takes to get in shape, and what it really means to be healthy. Read on »

Creating challenges

Clients. For clients to improve their health, state of mind orbasic function, or to maintain their physique, their programs can be less demanding, even more fun than work,andcan be performed fewer days of the week. But don??t expect this approach to give your clientsany dramatic physical changes. Read on »

A solution: Pre-employment assessment

To avoid hiring personal trainers who don??t really know the science of exercise or how to apply it, I created apre-employment questionnaire that asks basic questions necessary for a fundamental understanding of exercise (see Pre-Employment Questionnaire Results).The form includes questions that an educated trainer should know and use on a regular basis. Read on »

The problems

Primarily, clients want to see that the time, money and work thatthey are devoting to their bodiesis giving them what they want:results.However, they alsoneed education. It isn??t about taking them through another circuit training program; it??s about teaching the safest, fastest andsmartest way to get clients where they want to go through an educated approach. Read on »