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To ensure your personal trainers prescribe safe and effective exercise programsfor clients, try using a pre-employment assessment to measure their understanding of exercise fundamentals. Read on »

This week had its ups and downs. The weather, going back to work, and my back prevented me from getting much exercise. Now my back is finally better, as is the weather, and I’m planning to get back into my daily hiking routine. I’ll also be able to begin lifting weights again. Armand, I’m a little surprised you would recommend that I continue to lift weights when my back hurts. I didn’t feel comfortable resuming my weight training until my back felt better. Read on »

There are three basic rules you need to keep in mind:

To lose weight , you need to take in fewer calories than you expend. If you remove 500 calories a day from your diet, you will lose about 1 pound a week. Exercise, and you will lose even more. Read on »

Well, my week was crazy and had some good points and bad ones, too. Overall, I was excited to be in the exercise groove of things again and although I didn’t meet my five to six times per week goal, I felt great that I got the ball rolling. After each workout I really felt great! I did the 10 basic stretches and everything went really well. The only thing I really think is difficult in this regard is I need better workout shoes. Read on »

Sleepovers or fitness evenings. Girl and Boy Scouts, churches, synagogues and other recreational groups for children and adults are all looking for places to hold events. Rent your space for volleyball/wallyball games, fitness-center usage, aerobics classes, pool games, obstacle courses, etc. Read on »

Indoor soccer. These programs develops specific skills for soccer. A) Kick a ball into “goal” net at the end of room. [Caution: Don’t do this toward a mirror!] This can also be done without the net by putting a tape target or goal lines on the wall, or using a hoola hoop taped to the wall. Read on »

Random phone calls to non-using members is also a good way to find out what would get them to come in and use the club again. This serves the dual purpose of providing research as well as staying in contact with your members and letting them know you think they’re important. Read on »

Your facility can be utilized to greater profit with careful space management.

Imagine this. You’ve been in the health club business for 15 years. Your market has always been adults, ages 18 to 30. Read on »

Portion control is key. Eat smaller portions and don’t have seconds.Try keeping a food diary. Eat fewer calories. Check the foods you eat against a calorie list. Read on »

Intermediate Level Program

March in place for three minutes.

Twenty squat /lateral flies — Stay on your feet shoulder distance apart and hands at your sides. Read on »