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HIPAA also affects long-term care insurance. The law’s tax clarification provisions assure that the tax treatment for long-term care insurance is the same as for major medical insurance -benefits from long-term care generally are not taxable. Consumers are able to take a tax deduction of the cost of long-term care insurance and deduct costs associated with receiving long-term care. Read on »

From the late 1980s to present, the United States has been debating healthcare financing and delivery. In the beginning, the focus was on the possibility of nationalized healthcare for the United States. Proponents pointed to universal coverage regimes, such as that of Canada; opponents stressed the unique characteristics and value of the U.S. private insurance system, with its ability to deliver high-tech, high-quality medical care quickly. Read on »

Newborns should receive mandatory hearing tests from hospitals before they are taken home, a national group said Wednesday as it released its state-by-state report card on newborn hearing screenings.

More than 12,000 babies are born deaf or with serious hearing loss annually, and it sometimes takes parents up to two years to find out, according to Hear Us: The National Campaign for Hearing Health (NCHH).

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In an age when costly technology and clever marketing promos attempt to seduce the chiropractic profession, it’s not always easy to recognize which complementary therapies really deliver the most for your money. Millions of dollars are spent every year to convince chiropractors what is best for their practices. The current emphasis on advertising has elevated elaborate marketing schemes and diminished the importance of clinical results. Despite this hype, one complementary therapy continues to produce what it promises: homeopathy. Read on »

Remember Last Summer
Just thinking about last summer’s lazy days brings lots of warm memories rushing back. This winter why not make those memories more tangible by creating a summer scrapbook? It’s a great family project. Read on »

Color Your World — or at Least a Room in It
Paint a favorite room in your house. A splash of fresh new color can lighten and brighten your mood. “We all experience a behavioral response to color which is automatic, inherited and unaffected by sex, age, income culture or environment,” says Leslie Harrington, director of color and design for Benjamin Moore Paints. Read on »

Take a Class, Have an Adventure
Try something exotic, like learning to scuba dive. Winter is a good time to learn because your classroom is an indoor heated pool. So, take the classes now and you’ll be ready to set out on a big adventure for your next vacation. Read on »

“This year, I promise myself the beds and borders will be spectacular, the weather will work with me, and the pests will be defeated,” writes Roehm. “There are no earthly obstacles in January.” Read on »

Got the blues? When the days grow short and the winds grow cold, it is easy to lose your footing on the slippery slope that can land you down in the dumps. Easy, yes, but avoidable. This year, look at winter as an opportunity — a time to experiment, to try new things, to defy the blues. Read on »

Although many businesses shy away from having a summer internship program, thinking it costly and time consuming, it can be one of the best ways to recruit college-age talent. An internship program can mutually benefit both the company and the intern. For the company, an internship program allows it to assess the potential of a prospective full-time employee.

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