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What is mental health? Well, according to Webster’s dictionary, mental is defined as ‘of or pertaining to the mind’ – among other definitions. Health is defined as ‘the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor.’ From these definitions, we can reasonably assume that mental health refers to the general condition or soundness of the mind.

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Judgment is both a symptom and a cause of addiction. Addicts tend to think that everyone else is wrong and that the world should be as they want it to be. Self-judgment is a major factor in the cause of addiction. One slang term for addiction is a fix. To consistently “need to fix,” something implies that it is broken, sick or dysfunctional. The addict consistently vacillates between feelings and thoughts of grandiosity and feelings of utter hopelessness and helplessness. The two extremes, seeing one’s self as “not enough” or “not worthy” is an important self-judgment that contributes to the cause of addictions. Lack of self-acceptance and acceptance of others continually perpetuates the “need to fix” addictions. Read on »

The biggest problem with addictions is that they only work temporarily. Many addicts fool themselves into thinking their problems disappear with their addiction, when in fact, the problems may get worse. Read on »