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It is not unusual for young children, or even teens to feel anger and frustration in a family situation involving a new stepparent. I have personal experience in this, having lost a parent when I was 17 years old. I felt feelings of anger, frustration, sadness and jealousy when my father remarried. Read on »

“What is the right age to start the discussion of sexuality with children. My daughter is six and I wonder if I should start to introduce her to the facts of life. And how much detail should I include when the discussion is started? How should I start the conversation? I have always been honest with my kids and I want this to feel comfortable and natural, not scary or “icky” – how can I continue the feeling of comfort so she will also feel safe discussing anything with me?” Read on »

We are all aware of the importance of good heath. Yet, each one of us makes personal choices with regard to what aspects of our heath are of the greatest value. Many people don’t value sleep enough in the equasion for better health. Here’s how to improve your rest. Read on »

Consultant visit. A visit by an experienced consultant can be an excellent meeting, as you will get a different perspective. This could be someone from another fitness center, a college professor who is knowledgeable in exercise programs and/or risk management, or a professional consultant in the health/fitness industry. Read on »

To run a safe and successful health club, holding regular staff meetings, orientations and in-service meetings is important. The topic of safety, also called risk management, should always be a part of those meetings. My experience as a sport and recreational safety consultant suggests that you should hold in-service meetings dedicated solely to lowering the chance of injury to your clients and members. Decreasing the chance of injury to participants is necessary, and it is also good for business. Read on »

She gets dressed in the closet. That is why nobody knew until it was too late. She is the picture of modesty and the fear of a woman’s body.

It was a beautiful Florida summer day, and I was ready to enjoy the wealth of sunshine and a grandmother’s love. We were going shopping!
Sensual curves, deadly curves. Poets glorify a woman’s body. Painters capture the beauty of a woman’s body. Why do women live in fear of their own bodies? Read on »

Art outdoors, even when the weather is freezing? Tempera paints and chalk may not be suitable in all winter climates, but other natural media – snow, ice, shadows – offer interesting creative opportunities. Imagine Monet, painting his effets de neige. Read on »

We were really hurt and dismayed when our grandchildren shied away from us during this year’s Christmas visit. Even though we gave them presents when we arrived, it was three days before they warmed up enough to sit on our laps or give us hugs. This worries me. Read on »

Until recently, the site of the Lifestyle Center was slated to become an acute care facility for Chesapeake General Hospital. It was decided, however, that a preventive and rehabilitative health center would also fulfill the hospital’s mission to be a leader in quality health care, so it leased the site to Lifestyle’s management team. They built a comprehensive fitness center that provides an assortment of medical and rehabilitation services, along with a wide variety of recreational opportunities. Read on »

How do you increase your pro-shop revenues by more than 4,000 percent? Don’t lease it out. Cooper Fitness Center previously collected a monthly rent check of $865 for leasing its pro-shop. Last year, however, after taking over operations, the center raked in an average $38,000 a month. With some research and renovation, Cooper turned its pro-shop into a first-rate country-club-type shop. Read on »