Heart Attacks from Strenuous Exercise

People with sedentary lifestyles may be at risk for heart attacks induced by physical exertion. In a study of 700 men and women with one heart attack already, researchers found that their risk of heart attack increased six-fold during strenuous physical activity. The increased risk of heart attack dropped 15 minutes after activity, and disappeared 45 minutes after activity. Risk was highest in participants who exercised the least or who did not regularly perform the strenuous tasks that caused their heart attacks.

The positive aspect to emphasize with your members is that regular exercise reduces the risk of heart attack induced by physical exertion. Researchers from another study found that the risk of heart attack declined as exercise levels increased. Heart attacks caused by physical exertion make up only 6 percent of the total heart attacks experienced by adults ages 45 to 70, but can be prevented through regular exercise.

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