Help Teens Practice Safer Sun. Part 3

Never try to tan???– Your teen may hate to hear this but a tan is never healthy. A tan is nothing more than the body’s way of trying to protect itself from the damaging rays of the sun.
Avoid tanning salons altogether — There is absolutely nothing that your teenager can gain from the harmful ultraviolet rays in a tanning salon.
Beware of cloud cover???– Remind your teen that during overcast days, up to 70 percent to 80 percent of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can pass through the cloud cover.
Practice skin self-exams???– Your teenager should examine his or skin regularly.??????You can help by having a family skin check day periodically (say every 3 months) and by helping your teen check hard-to-see areas such as the back.???
See a dermatologist???– If your teen has a lot of moles, any irregular-looking moles, or any changing moles, he or she should see a dermatologist — an expert in skin problems.???This is especially important for teenagers since adolescence is a time when new moles may form and old moles may change — and that makes it hard for you to know which moles are okay and which aren’t.
And don’t forget to practice what you preach. Children — even teenagers — learn from their parents. Use sunscreen liberally, check your skin regularly, and see a dermatologist for a skin check.

A healthy teenage lifestyle means so many things: avoiding early sexual activity, staying free of drugs and alcohol, and keeping fit mentally and physically. Nowadays, it also means practicing safer sun.

Help your teen make this a lifetime habit and he or she will someday be glad you did.

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