Latenight Munchies. Part 1

After having a few drinks and a long night with the boys hunting for the ladies, i come home wanting to eat everything.Whats up?

When you have a snack attack is for sweet, salty, crunchy or fatty? I am guessing fruits and vegetables would not be your snack choice, right?

Before you go out for a night with the guys be sure to have at least 3 regular meals that day plus snacks. If youre eating regularly scheduled well-balanced meals, youre less likely to experience cravings due to stabilized blood sugar levels and brain chemicals.

Plan ahead. Have healthy snacks on hand just in case. This will prevent you from having to choose the lesser of two evils from the chips or nuts.

What are you craving? Is there a healthier alternative that will satisfy your urge? Looking for creamy – try fat free vanilla yogurt or pudding with fruit. Want crunchy? How about some low fat tortilla chips and fat free refried beans.

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