Latenight Munchies. Part 2

Chocolate? Try a glass of chocolate skim milk or chocolate graham crackers, or even a couple tootsie rolls or chocolate kisses if you must have candy. Over time you will train your taste buds to prefer these foods.

Ask yourself if you are really hungry or are you bored, stressed, feeling blue or tired. If you havent eaten anything in > 3-4 hours, its likely hunger. Dont just give in to a chocolate bar, which will only temporarily satisfy your hunger, make or buy yourself a substantial meal or snack.

If decide you??™re not hungry, try to tackle what??™s bothering you head on. A bagel won??™t relieve your stress at work or act as your friend if you are lonely. Consider clearing your head by taking a quick walk or closing your eyes, practicing deep breathing or just go to sleep.

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