Personal Trainers. Part 2

The problems

Primarily, clients want to see that the time, money and work thatthey are devoting to their bodiesis giving them what they want:results.However, they alsoneed education. It isn??t about taking them through another circuit training program; it??s about teaching the safest, fastest andsmartest way to get clients where they want to go through an educated approach. By applying education, paying attention to research and tracking client progress, personal trainers can help clients achieve results.

Even if you require your personal trainers to have a degree, you still have to make sure that they haven??tforgotten what they learned in school, and that theyknow their field in apractical sense. Many school systems teach students to memorize for an exam, but donot instillthe importance of the application of the material,orteach them how the material can be usedto dispel myths about diet and exercise. Some ??degreed??trainerssimplyteach what they learned in gyms, from coaches and in magazines. This information canconsist ofold methods of exercises that include high-risk moves.

My suggestion to certification programs and colleges is to start teaching practical training classes that show how to apply the information they are teaching. Otherwise, trainers will only memorize information for testing and then teach theirclients what they learned in the gym and magazines, using their degree or certification as a way to justify what they teach. Trainers need to keep rereading their textbooks until it dawns on them that there is useful information in them. And, they need to keep up on new studies through non-biased, credible, training/education companies.

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