Personal Trainers. Part 3

A solution: Pre-employment assessment

To avoid hiring personal trainers who don??t really know the science of exercise or how to apply it, I created apre-employment questionnaire that asks basic questions necessary for a fundamental understanding of exercise (see Pre-Employment Questionnaire Results).The form includes questions that an educated trainer should know and use on a regular basis.

I used my questionnaire when screening personal training applicants, including those whoaredegreed and certified, and those whohave neverworked as a trainer.When the results werecompiled, only one personpassed (received a 70 percent or better)from the no-degree/no-certification category, and only two passed from the degree/certification category. In this case, degreed and certified trainersscoredalmost as low as the other applicants.Based on this information,would youhiretrainers simply because of theircertification, degree or experience? Just to see what would happen, I decidedto hire the person who got the highest test score. He was a self-educated young man who had no certification andno degree in a related field; hejust studied and remembered the right information. Thismade training him for the jobeasier, and it alsolessened the chance that he would give advice to clients on subjects that werenot covered in job training.

To assess a trainer??s moral and ethical mindset,I asked small essay questions to get a feel for the applicants?? emotional motivation. Questions such as, ??What kind of clients would you like to train?????Why do you want to be a personal trainer??? and ??What makes a great trainer??? helped to determine if this person would fit in with the other staff, the clientele andme. In another part of the application phase, theyhadtoread, sign and date a formal mission statement to help create an active awareness of their moral obligation to clients to not mislead or injure them.

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