Personal Trainers. Part 4

Creating challenges

Clients. For clients to improve their health, state of mind orbasic function, or to maintain their physique, their programs can be less demanding, even more fun than work,andcan be performed fewer days of the week. But don??t expect this approach to give your clientsany dramatic physical changes.

Trainers.You can also create challenges for your trainers.You can test your trainers and make them follow the standards and guidelines that are taught through some of the more indepth certification programs. Make sure your trainersdo notteach exercises that are known to be predictable risk factors for injuries. Create formats and guidelines in writing that all of the trainers in your facility follow, including instructions on proper exercise form, creating workout goals and strategies, and supervising clients.If each trainer in your club trainsclients differently, yet each client wants the same thing (the safest, fastest and smartest way to reach their goals), doesn??t this sound like confusion?

For example, if you know from scientific research and experience the best way for a particular client to lose weight, or for another to gain strength,would you stand back and let your trainers teach them something that will almost ensure client dissatisfaction?I have actually seen trainers workout the way they need to for results, following detailed well-thought-out, structured routines, but teach their clients nothing close to that. I??ve also seen trainers who demonstrateexercises correctly for clients, then allowthem to perform the exercise nothing like how it was just shown.

Personal trainers need guidelines like any other successful employee. Demand from your trainers the best, and expect them to know and teach the correct way to exercise. Based on the results of my test, I can see why the nation??s fat percent continues to rise: Too few peopleknow what to do to achieve results. Your trainers should not bethose people.

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