Personal Trainers. Part 5

Promoting the truth

Employers of personal fitness trainers are working against a commercialized industry of myths, lies, tricks, gimmicks and magic potions, with hopes of miracles attached. It??s up to you to educate your trainers and clients on what it really takes to get in shape, and what it really means to be healthy. (And within the law. Believe it or not, many trainers don??t know that they can be sued for injuring their clients.)

For a person to reach a goal of physical change, it takes correct information and hard work (with consistency and persistency). Another important part of physical change is staying focused on the end result, which is not the daily grind it takes to get there. Most important, clients can??t quit before they reach their goals, or after. Trainers need to teach their clients that if exercise is too easy or too infrequent, they won??t see physical change. If body weight is dropped too fast, they are probably losing muscle and fat at the same time, and there is something wrong with the program. Trainers should monitor clients?? lean-to-fat ratio instead of using a scale. This way, clients who lose weight incorrectly can see the loss of muscle, and may realize that they are only seeing the illusion of successful weight loss.

I am merely suggesting that personal trainers take pride in what they doby teaching a safer, faster, smarter way to helpclients reach their goals. Make sure yousupervise your trainers and have theminstruct clientsbased on education, not what everyone else is doing.

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