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She gets dressed in the closet. That is why nobody knew until it was too late. She is the picture of modesty and the fear of a woman’s body.

It was a beautiful Florida summer day, and I was ready to enjoy the wealth of sunshine and a grandmother’s love. We were going shopping!
Sensual curves, deadly curves. Poets glorify a woman’s body. Painters capture the beauty of a woman’s body. Why do women live in fear of their own bodies? Read on »

Intermediate Level Program

March in place for three minutes.

Twenty squat /lateral flies — Stay on your feet shoulder distance apart and hands at your sides. Read on »

Are you ready to get started with a regular fitness program? Southern California fitness trainer and former nationally ranked natural body builder Becky Touber suggests 30-minute cross-training circuits every other day, three days a week. Read on »

Crack climbing has long been a hobby of mine. There’s something about using your hands in a manner separate from grabbing the rock, sticking your feet in and torquing them around to give you leverage rather than balancing on them for support. Read on »

Judgment is both a symptom and a cause of addiction. Addicts tend to think that everyone else is wrong and that the world should be as they want it to be. Self-judgment is a major factor in the cause of addiction. One slang term for addiction is a fix. To consistently “need to fix,” something implies that it is broken, sick or dysfunctional. The addict consistently vacillates between feelings and thoughts of grandiosity and feelings of utter hopelessness and helplessness. The two extremes, seeing one’s self as “not enough” or “not worthy” is an important self-judgment that contributes to the cause of addictions. Lack of self-acceptance and acceptance of others continually perpetuates the “need to fix” addictions. Read on »

Color Your World — or at Least a Room in It
Paint a favorite room in your house. A splash of fresh new color can lighten and brighten your mood. “We all experience a behavioral response to color which is automatic, inherited and unaffected by sex, age, income culture or environment,” says Leslie Harrington, director of color and design for Benjamin Moore Paints. Read on »