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Most international experts agree that hormone replacement therapy (consisting of the female hormone estrogen, often in combination with a second female hormone, progesterone) has long-term benefits when initiated at the time of menopause. Read on »

A recent study published in “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise,” a journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, suggests that carefully monitored exercise may be beneficial to cancer patients by reducing fatigue and improving the ability to complete activities of daily living. Read on »

Physical Activity and Cancer

Researchers have found convincing links between the level of weekly physical activity and protection from breast and colon cancers. Notice the term here is physical activity, not exercise. For those adults with active jobs, – nurses, construction workers, landscapers, etc – physical activity is part of an every day routine. For those of us who spend our time at a desk, behind the wheel of a car or bus or somewhere in between, exercise outside our jobs will help keep us healthier. But how did scientists come to this conclusion? Read on »