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The problems

Primarily, clients want to see that the time, money and work thatthey are devoting to their bodiesis giving them what they want:results.However, they alsoneed education. It isn??t about taking them through another circuit training program; it??s about teaching the safest, fastest andsmartest way to get clients where they want to go through an educated approach. Read on »

Well, my week was crazy and had some good points and bad ones, too. Overall, I was excited to be in the exercise groove of things again and although I didn’t meet my five to six times per week goal, I felt great that I got the ball rolling. After each workout I really felt great! I did the 10 basic stretches and everything went really well. The only thing I really think is difficult in this regard is I need better workout shoes. Read on »

If you aren’t breastfeeding, you should resume a normal diet and not try to lose the weight too fast. Crash diets don’t mix well with sleepless nights! Read on »

Tap water is an American horror. Harmful chemicals and organisms are added during the purification process and not totally filtered out in municipal treatment plants. Miles of corrosive metal piping supply our homes with added minerals. Much has been written about the harmful substances in our nations tap water.

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As the holiday season emerges heralding celebration and excitement, it also brings stress and conflict. Trips to the mall, family gatherings, office functions and community events take priority over exercise and healthy eating. Consider making this holiday different by planning to eat moderately, setting aside time to exercise and keeping your stress level low.

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