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Consultant visit. A visit by an experienced consultant can be an excellent meeting, as you will get a different perspective. This could be someone from another fitness center, a college professor who is knowledgeable in exercise programs and/or risk management, or a professional consultant in the health/fitness industry. Read on »

Getting stung is no fun. Minor, individual stings usually pose no serious physical threat, but multiple stings can be very serious.

With a minor sting you can expect to experience:

Pain at the sting site that may persist for several hours
Swelling, redness and itching or burning at the sting site
To Treat a Minor Bee or Wasp Sting:

Remove any stinger, scraping it out with a knife, the edge of a credit card or a fingernail. Do not use tweezers and do not push on the stinger, which may squeeze more poison into the skin.

Wash the area with soap and water
Apply a cold compress
If the person stung experiences sever allergic reactions, call 911 immediately or go to the emergency room.

If you were stranded on a lifeboat for days under the hot sun in the middle of the ocean with no water on board, would you drink the sea water? Of course not! Sea water looks and tastes disgusting and would actually dehydrate you because it contains concentrations of salt and other unusable substances.

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