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Creating challenges

Clients. For clients to improve their health, state of mind orbasic function, or to maintain their physique, their programs can be less demanding, even more fun than work,andcan be performed fewer days of the week. But don??t expect this approach to give your clientsany dramatic physical changes. Read on »

A solution: Pre-employment assessment

To avoid hiring personal trainers who don??t really know the science of exercise or how to apply it, I created apre-employment questionnaire that asks basic questions necessary for a fundamental understanding of exercise (see Pre-Employment Questionnaire Results).The form includes questions that an educated trainer should know and use on a regular basis. Read on »

The problems

Primarily, clients want to see that the time, money and work thatthey are devoting to their bodiesis giving them what they want:results.However, they alsoneed education. It isn??t about taking them through another circuit training program; it??s about teaching the safest, fastest andsmartest way to get clients where they want to go through an educated approach. Read on »

To ensure your personal trainers prescribe safe and effective exercise programsfor clients, try using a pre-employment assessment to measure their understanding of exercise fundamentals. Read on »

There are three basic rules you need to keep in mind:

To lose weight , you need to take in fewer calories than you expend. If you remove 500 calories a day from your diet, you will lose about 1 pound a week. Exercise, and you will lose even more. Read on »

Until recently, the site of the Lifestyle Center was slated to become an acute care facility for Chesapeake General Hospital. It was decided, however, that a preventive and rehabilitative health center would also fulfill the hospital’s mission to be a leader in quality health care, so it leased the site to Lifestyle’s management team. They built a comprehensive fitness center that provides an assortment of medical and rehabilitation services, along with a wide variety of recreational opportunities. Read on »

As the holiday season emerges heralding celebration and excitement, it also brings stress and conflict. Trips to the mall, family gatherings, office functions and community events take priority over exercise and healthy eating. Consider making this holiday different by planning to eat moderately, setting aside time to exercise and keeping your stress level low.

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