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Promoting the truth

Employers of personal fitness trainers are working against a commercialized industry of myths, lies, tricks, gimmicks and magic potions, with hopes of miracles attached. It??s up to you to educate your trainers and clients on what it really takes to get in shape, and what it really means to be healthy. Read on »

Indoor soccer. These programs develops specific skills for soccer. A) Kick a ball into “goal” net at the end of room. [Caution: Don’t do this toward a mirror!] This can also be done without the net by putting a tape target or goal lines on the wall, or using a hoola hoop taped to the wall. Read on »

Are you ready to get started with a regular fitness program? Southern California fitness trainer and former nationally ranked natural body builder Becky Touber suggests 30-minute cross-training circuits every other day, three days a week. Read on »

The result you want to achieve by entertaining your members is to keep them coming back to your facility. If they have a TV program they watch at your club every day, if the music you play keeps them “charged” while they weight train, or if tracking their workouts motivates them to continue exercising, then you have benefited from entertaining your members. Read on »