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Chest pain is a common physical finding of severe heart disease. During episodes of chest pain the patient may suffer shortness of breath so that he or she is unable to complete sentences or lay flat in bed. The heart rate can be slow or fast. Read on »

She gets dressed in the closet. That is why nobody knew until it was too late. She is the picture of modesty and the fear of a woman’s body.

It was a beautiful Florida summer day, and I was ready to enjoy the wealth of sunshine and a grandmother’s love. We were going shopping!
Sensual curves, deadly curves. Poets glorify a woman’s body. Painters capture the beauty of a woman’s body. Why do women live in fear of their own bodies? Read on »

Q.Please explain what reflex sympathetic dystrophy is. Also, is this an orthopedic or a neurological problem? Read on »

The biggest problem with addictions is that they only work temporarily. Many addicts fool themselves into thinking their problems disappear with their addiction, when in fact, the problems may get worse. Read on »

“After four to six weeks, you should feel your implants are a part of you,” Brain said.

Breast Implant Risks
Complications can include excessive bleeding following the surgery, which can cause swelling and pain. If excessive bleeding occurs, a second operation may be needed to stop the bleeding and remove accumulated blood. Read on »