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“What is the right age to start the discussion of sexuality with children. My daughter is six and I wonder if I should start to introduce her to the facts of life. And how much detail should I include when the discussion is started? How should I start the conversation? I have always been honest with my kids and I want this to feel comfortable and natural, not scary or “icky” – how can I continue the feeling of comfort so she will also feel safe discussing anything with me?” Read on »

Q: I feel so devastated when my teenage daughter criticizes me. What can I do to make her understand that this hurts?

A: Yes, it does hurt. I know; I’ve been there. I found that telling our daughter exactly how I felt when she criticized me — the lump in my throat, the hidden tears, the inner churnings — really helped cut down on those remarks. Find some private time to do this, but tell your teen calmly, without drama or an emotional outburst. Just describe how you feel, and explain that adults and parents are not immune to having hurt feelings. Read on »

During pregnancy, many parents spend hours preparing a darling nursery for the new baby. But they often find out that the baby is less than thrilled with her new accommodations. Having come from a warm, comforting womb, where all needs were instantly met, babies must go through a major adjustment to exist in the outside world. Much of this adjustment manifests itself at night with the baby’s sleeping patterns. Most babies do not sleep through the night, and it is up to each family to decide how to deal with this.

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