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We are all aware of the importance of good heath. Yet, each one of us makes personal choices with regard to what aspects of our heath are of the greatest value. Many people don’t value sleep enough in the equasion for better health. Here’s how to improve your rest. Read on »

These preliminary results were supported by results of a Japanese clinical trial reported by Iino et al in which 134 patients with chronic hepatitis C received IFN alfa-2b in one of the following dosing schedules: 10 MU 6 times/week for 2 weeks and then TIW for 12 weeks (group 1), 10 MU 6 times/week for 4 weeks and then TIW for 12 weeks (group 2), or 10 MU 6 times/week for 4 weeks and then 6 MU TIW for 12 weeks (group 3). Read on »

In our July issue, we mentioned that results were expected in November from the first large-scale clinical trial of Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP), a pressure-suit-like treatment for angina. Right on schedule, researchers presented their data at the American Heart Association meeting in November. Their conclusion: This novel treatment seems to work, but the researchers don’t know why. Read on »

Carrier Advisory Committee (CAC)

Once the carrier writes a new LMRP for a treatment or procedure, the document is sent to the members of the CAC for review. Each CAC has appointed representatives from different medical specialties, including oncology and hematology. They consider published data from randomized clinical trials appearing in peer-reviewed journals, as well as expert medical opinion and input from local medical associations. Assuming that national policy does not exclude the reimbursement of a new treatment, a positive recommendation from the CAC can often impact reimbursement policy at the local level.

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